Scottish, Irish Kilt Rental


Scottish, Irish Kilt Rental


Scottish, Irish kilt rentals with authentic 13oz wool kilts made in Scotland.

 Please note that, all our rental Kilts are authentic 13oz, 8 yard highest quality worsted wool, with 4 inch pleats and 3 leather belts made in Scotland, UK. Our Prince Charlie and Argyle Jackets are First Quality and are also made in the UK. Some stores are offering kilt rental packages with light weight poly-acrylic blend fabric kilts and jackets made in Pakistan. At The Scotland Yard Store, we only offer genuine Scottish Kilts and Jackets for rental.

Kilt Rental includes:

Kilt, Tartan Garter Flashes

*rental outfits and rental items can only be shipped inside the U.S.A. and, or to U.S. Territories, or APO, FPO addresses.

Please note: To insure that your rental items arrive in time for your event, we ask that you place your order an absolute minimum of 72 hours before your event, 1 week if 3 or more outfits on the same order.   Please try to give us 21 days notice for orders of 5 or more outfits. Thank You.

You are responsible for getting the correct sizes for your outfits. If your outfit arrives and does not fit, and we sent you the sizes indicated, we will do our best to ship you corrected sizes in time for your event, but you will incur any additional shipping cost. Also,if at the last minute, after the outfits have been shipped and delivered, the best man decides he looks silly wearing a kilt and throws a hissy fit and demands that all the groomsmen switch to wearing tuxedos, we will not grant a refund. (yes, that has happened).

The Scotland Yard Store is not responsible for damages, accidents or errors caused by Unites States Postal Service, United Parcel Service or Federal Express.


Cleaning: Our Rental Outfits are Dry Clean Only. We Dry Clean and Press each outfit after every rental, which is included in the price of the rental. You will not be charged cleaning fees for normal cleaning issues upon rental outfit return. You are however, responsibable for replacement cost due to: burns, non-removeable stains, cuts or non-repairable damage.

Scottish, Irish Kilt Rental
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