The Outfitter

"The Outfitter" Kilt & Uniform Organizer
"The Outfitter" uniform bag has the pockets, handles, and space you need to travel with your uniform, while keeping it neat and organized. This is also the perfect place to store all of your uniform components together. Keep your kilt, jackets, shirt, sporran, belt, ghillies, etc. right in this garment bag, and hang the whole bag in the closet. When you're called to do a gig, or the performance season rolls around again, you'll have everything handy and ready to go. No more running around at the last minute to collect all the pieces you need!
Features of "The Outfitter" Kilt & Uniform Carrier:
  • Sturdy handle
  • 2 options for hanging
  • 2 large gusseted front pockets (great for ghillies, sporran, sgian dubh, glen, & hose)
  • 1 extra large pocket across the back
  • Clear window pocket inside for idenification or small items
  • Intertior zipper
  • 2 interior elastic straps with buckles to secure hagning items
  • 2 snaps to keep the bag folded
the outfitter kilt organizer
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Price $69.00

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